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eduroam Frequently Asked Questions


My organization is not shown on the list of Finnish eduroam organisations – can I still use eduroam?

Unfortunately eduroam is not available before your home organization has joined in. Please contact your local Information Management department or the IT support.

Problems with deployment

I cannot connect to eduroam on my mobile phone/tablet/laptop.

Please verify that you have downloaded and run the installation program for your home organization from

I have run the installation program, and I still get no network connection.

Run the program again and verify that you have provided your username in the form Please note that this may not be your email address. If you are unsure of the format, please contact your IT support.

I am sure that my username is correct, still I cannot connect to eduroam

Please check that you have provided the correct password. Could you have changed it recently or could it have it expired? If you have several passwords, check with your IT support which one is used for eduroam. If you are sure that your password is correct, run the installation program once again to fix possible installation issues. If this does not work, please contact your IT support.

eduroam stopped working

I have previously used eduroam without any issues, but now I cannot connect.

Has your password expired? If you change your password, you will have to provide the new one on all your mobile devices. The network setting may also have changed at your home organization. Please download and run the installation program form to ensure that the network configuration is correct.

eduroam works well on my home campus, but not when I visit other institutions

This suggests that the username has been provided in the wrong format. If there is no in the username, the eduroam hierarchy cannot contact the correct home organization in order to authenticate you. Please provide your username in the format In order to do so, download and run the installation program for your home organization from