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Connectivity outside home campus

In Finland eduroam is available at over 500 hotspots, from Helsinki all the way up to Utsjoki.

In Europe there are over 17 000 eduroam hotspots and globally the hotspot number is almost 27 000 including not only campuses but also cafeteria and airports.

Would you like to use eduroam at a particular location, but it is not available? Please inform us.

World map showing the countries whose research networks have joined eduroam

eduroam organisations in Finland

Students and staff from the following organisations can use eduroam anywhere in the world with the credentials provided by their home organisation:

The following organisations offer eduroam in one or several of their facilities:

eduroam Companion - locate your nearest eduroam hotspot

eduroam Companion eduroam Companion is a free mobile application assisting you in finding your nearest eduroam hotspot. The application compares the current location of the mobile device to the international database of eduroam hotspots. Install eduroam Companion on your mobile phone or tablet from the App store (the link only works from the actual device):

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